Ute Thumm

„I am convinced, that we can only cope with the current global challenges, when we grasp, that we are about to experience a structural change in economy, politics and society. This radically requires new perspectives and approaches. Creating important changes together, fascinates me and challenges me on a daily basis.”

Ute Thumm has been managing director of Thumm & Partner Consultancy since 1996. She is internationally active as a coach, trainer and consultant. Her field is all questions around effective leadership as a prerequisite for long term company success.

Ute Thumm works for medium sized enterprises as well as for international groups. In many issues she crosses the tight rope between profitability and values.

She develops programs which enable sustainable company management in a framework of purpose, strategy, culture and structure.

Ute Thumm studied organisational psychology at the university in Mainz. Her own understanding of leadership and transformation is continually developed through continuing education at and in cooperation with internationally recognised institutes, universities and networks. These include for example the MIT in Cambridge, MA in the USA and the Management Centre St. Gallen in Switzerland.

Ute Thumm
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