„Presencing is the ability to free our perception from the prison of the past and operate it from the future.“ Claus Otto Scharmer

Claus Otto Scharmers Presencing and the matching theory U influence our mindset and our approach to processes. Economic success results from successful examination of future developments and concentration on essentials.

Recognition and implementation processes are structured into seven steps that require comprehensive skills. The mindset, the training and the application of these skills ultimately lead to effective, sustainable and innovative overall solutions. Key questions are: „Who are we?“ and „What is our task?“

As in a symphony, quality is ensured by the cooperation of the players and their instruments.

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The art of consultancy for us consists of successful training of meta skills: sensibilisation of perception and awareness instead of learning techniques.

Studies have proven that such key competencies are essential for long term success in a global, dynamic and complex business environment. This is true of an individual as well as an organisation. For this purpose we specifically offer workshops.